How reading can be used in your practicing routine?



It is not a secret that people who read a lot of books are good at writing, speaking and have a good imagination. Besides, they know much more words than average person, they can operate different idioms, proverbs. Their way of thinking is also different from others.

In this article, I will tell you about reading as an additional technique of learning languages, which works well for me. There are several types of reading, I will present you some of them.


For the first one, you will need a book or an article that is not easy to read for you. While reading, you should just try to understand the main idea. If you don’t know some words, just pass them without translation. This technique allows you to be involved into the theme of the text, you can discuss and give your opinion about it. I advise this technique to those people who have a great lexical base, let’s say, starting from the intermediate level.


Another way. You start reading a new book, quite thick one, of course. Your aim is to get the main information, but also to get some details from the text. My advice is to take a pencil and underline all the unknown words, but just from the first two-four pages. Write the translation above and continue reading without your dictionary. The idea is that usually authors take one style of writing and use almost the same words through the book. So you will learn the new words in a different structures (sentences) and in this way you will expand your lexical base. This technique really works, and I use it from time to time.


And my last, but not the least technique is addressed to the learning new words. You should take a small text, about one or two pages. Take two copies of that. Read the text and underline every single word that you don’t understand. Then use your dictionary and translate all of them and write the meaning of the words above. Read the text again and translate it. Take a time to think and understand. Then use your other copy of the text (without the translation) and read it. Now you will understand the text well, and all the words will be clear for you. This technique works for me, but it takes more time because I need to reread a text several times. Nevertheless, I can say that it is really the nice one. You should try! I also can advise this technique to the people who has beginner level.

So, these three types allow to practice understanding the general meaning of the text, to be involved into the details and to learn new words. Depending on what exactly you need, you can choose between these types. Reading books is a perfect way of learning languages.

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