Foreign languages for children

foreign languages for childrenThose parents who have small children face to a problem sooner or later. What is the best moment to start learning the foreign languages? There are lots of different opinions. Some people say that children have to learn the native language at first, and only after that they can start learning a foreign language. Other say that small children have better memory, and that in the age of seven child can start learning the second language. In my opinion it depends on your desire to make your child learn languages, and of course, it depends on desire of the child. The one truthful thing is that, in the modern world, the foreign languages are important for people, not just for their career, but also for their personal development.

When it is better to start learning foreign languages?

Don’t be in a hurry with this decision. Don’t force your child of three years old to learn a foreign language. The process of learning should be unobtrusive, interesting and funny. And of course, it should be based on a game. At the age of four you can show your child colorful pictures with foreign words. You can pronounce them and ask your child to repeat. Also you can use funny songs or short cartoons, where animals or other children pronounce words or phrases. At the age of five-six years you can buy a textbook for your child and learn language more seriously. Before the first grade, your child will know the alphabet, some words, numerals, and will be able to say some simple phrases. It will give to the child confidence and interest to learn more. Don’t worry if your child will not be able to speak the foreign language a lot. Usually, at the primary school, children accumulate knowledge, and after they start to speak more. But the important thing is – don’t judge your child for that. Because in the future he or she can have a language barrier, and it will be difficult to brake it.

It can be difficult for the child to start learning the first foreign language at seven, and the next year to start with the second one. The child is not good enough at the first language, still doing lots of mistakes and trying to remember reading/writing rules, and school makes he or she learning another language. But if the child started with the first language two or three years ago, the second language will be much more easy to learn.

How to motivate your child to learn the foreign language?

The passion to the foreign languages should be given by parents or a teacher. Use interesting and colorful pictures, journals, cartoons, songs and TV-programs. Say to your child some foreign words while having dinner, walking, playing games. Also you can play different language games. For example, you can throw a ball to your child and in the same time ask him to say any foreign word that you’ve learned together. Or you can use toy letters to make him write words. Also traveling can be a great motivator for your child.

How much time do children need to study?

It depends on the age, but usually you can start with fifteen minutes every day, and gradually increase the time. At the age of five-six, it can be one hour twice a week. But you still should use the game methods. The child has to think that you just play, but not study. Plus your child can watch films for the kids, cartoons or read simple comics. The main rule is to never force and judge your child because of that. It has to be interesting and passionate.

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2 commentaires

  1. New to IBA and saw your post on the G+ group. My mother was born in Switzerland, so we had French lessons even when we were quite young. I took 5 years of French in jr and high school, 1 or 2 years of German in high school. The most interesting time I had, though, was when I was working in Switzerland for half a year. I had to take German (as a condition of the work permit), but wanted to take a Russian class as well. That class was taught in German, and I did not have time to translate from Russian through German to English, so started actually thinking in German. I had a French professor tell me once that I spoke French with a Spanish accent. Now /that/ was weird!

    1. Nice to see some new people 🙂 Thank you for your comment. Your story is interesting, and I understand that it was difficult fot you to learn Russian in these circumstances. Anyway, now you can understand at least three languages! Good luck.


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