French people: who are they ?


(unusual french habits)

To my mind, french people are one of the most extraordinary nations from the Europeans. Their language is impressive, manners are refined and cuisine is delicious. But is it really true? Let’s forget all the cliché and get to know french people and their habits better.


Food. It is not surprising that we start from the food. For french people food is an art. They don’t miss the opportunity to eat something tasty. I think that a good part of the amazing recipes comes from the french cuisine. Except the delicious recipes, french people have a serious attitude to the food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are very important. Usually the french breakfast is quite small. It can be some bread (baguettes) with jam or Nutella and a cup of tea or coffee. In general their breakfast is sweet. Between breakfast and lunch french people usually never eat. Sometimes during a coffee break at work, they can eat some biscuits or fruit.

For french people, lunch takes a very important place, comparing to other countries. At work, people have one hour of break. One Frenchman from two comes home to have lunch and to prepare some hot meal. If they don’t have a possibility to come home, french people cook some hot dish or salad the day before. They try to avoid to take sandwiches to work, but cook a full dish. The french never miss the meal, they prefer to take breakfast, lunch and dinner and almost don’t eat between the meals.


Vine. Well, honestly, it is not a cliché that french people like to drink vine. People often drink vine for lunch or dinner in the family circle. They believe that it’s healthy, because red wine can contain antioxidants, even if there is no scientific proof. For holiday or family dinner french people have different kinds of vine for every meal. For example,

    • aperitif : rose or champagne

    • first course : white vine

    • main course : red vine

    • cheese: another red vine

    • dessert : sweet white vine


Kisses. Here we should be more attentive, because there are some “kissing rules”. When french people meet a friend, and if it is a woman, they usually kiss each other to the cheek. For more professional relations or for unknown person they just shake the hand. French people usually kiss each other twice. In fact, it depends on the region. It can be one, two or even five times! For example, in Brest they kiss once and in Nantes – four. But if you don’t know the traditions of the region, you should kiss twice.

What cheek start to kiss the first, right or left? It is also interesting to know. In some regions, like Haute-Garonne, people start kissing with the left cheek. But in Côte-d’Or people start with the right one. In the majority of regions, as the rule, the French kiss the right cheek first.


Grumble. Grumbling, as well as the strikes, is a french national habit. They do it anytime, everywhere and about everything. We can say that it is their nature. French people are considered as one of the most pessimistic nations about the future of their own country, even if it doesn’t mean that life in France is horrible. On the way to work, they never miss an opportunity to insult the other drivers and to say a couple of bad words. Maybe after that they feel less stressed at work?


Coming late and conversation taboo. If you will be invited to have dinner with a french person, don’t be nervous if he or she will be late. It is normal for them to come with ten minutes delay. So if your dinner is at seven o’clock, it is not surprising that they come at ten past seven. At the table, french people usually discuss everyday events, funny stories, food. But they never speak about politics or religion, and never discuss their salary. So don’t start these conversations if you want to have a nice dinner in a company of the french people.

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