Simple advice for learning new words

learning_new_words8 points briefly :

  1. learn words in a context

  2. better learn less than too much

  3. learn words in topics

  4. use these words as much as possible

  5. play word games

  6. write more short stories

  7. start your own vocabulary

  8. set a goal

I don’t like the idea of learning by heart. It is boring and not useful. For me, learning new words should be quick, efficient and understandable. In this article, I will share with you the most useful methods of learning new words.

At the beginning, I advise you to set your own language goal. For example, to learn thirty new words in one month, to communicate free on a certain topic. Remembering about this goal will help you to keep your motivation and to not give up.

Start a journal, where you will write down your goals and some thought in the foreign language. The journal will help you to observe your practical goals every day and won’t let you forget about them.

The next small preparing step : start your own vocabulary. Write down there new words that you’re currently learning now. It is better to write words per topic, so you will easily find them. Here you see an example of the vocabulary. You can print it and use it.


Now let’s pass to my next advice. For more efficient learning, it is better to learn the new words in a context. At first you should choose one topic, for example « Jobs ». You write down in your vocabulary list all the new words. After that, you read a text and there you see the expression, for example « A doctor helps people to stay healthy » For this context you have an association « doctor – healthy ». The context helps your brain to do links.

Read as much as possible. For one topic you should read different short texts, stories or dialogues. You will see these words in different sentences and memorize them better. Don’t try to learn ten words in one day. It is useless. Take rather five, but learn them correctly. Don’t forget about your journal, that I mentioned at the beginning of this article. Write down there your thoughts about the topic that you learn and use all the words that you’ve learned during the day. It can be just sentences or a simple text. The main rule is to use the new words as much as possible.

Of course, you can play different language games to learn new words, for example puzzles. Here is the example of this game :

word_gameYou can also play word games HERE on my second blog!

At the end of every week, do a simple revision of all the words that you learned during the week. And try to speak more about this topic.

Read also French, Russian, Ukrainian version


8 commentaires

  1. These are useful tips, it makes it sound more practical to do it this way and learn in link and associations. Nice printable, too! #ibabloggers

  2. Good advice! Learning a new language can be challenging and it always great to have some extra help. I am featuring this Friday at our IBA Weekly Roundup. #ibabloggers


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