If you have problems with oral communication


Language is an oral way of communication. We learn language to obtain speaking skills. This is the most important thing. There are also listening, reading and writing. All these four components form the language learning process. They are correlated and can’t live without each other. That is why, every lesson, we have to work on each of these components. In order to learn how to speak a foreign language, we should start from the first lessons. At the beginning, it can be just repeating after a teacher to get used to the language. You will try to pronounce all the words correctly and pay attention to the stresses. After, you will be able to say some phrases about yourself. These are the first steps. You will be able to present yourself, to say where you are from and to present your friend or family. The next step is asking questions, because you will need to get some information from other people. Usually, if your learning process is composed in a correct way, you will not have any problems to create the sentences and to speak. But what to do if one link has been missed?


Try to find the problem by your own. Why you can’t speak? Here are some possible reasons:

– lack of vocabulary;

– you don’t know how to create sentences;

– you are afraid of mistakes;

– you didn’t get used to speak foreign language.

If the problem concerns the last reason, I can advise you some simple methods to help you.


Get used to the foreign language

Maybe it sounds funny, but to be good at speaking you should write. Write as much as it is possible in a foreign language. Take a very useful habit, every day write one simple text. It can be about anything you want. At the beginning, writing the text may take lots of energy and time, but later it will be very simple to do. Also you can keep a diary where you can write your thoughts in the foreign language.

Learn how to think in the foreign language. You can describe what you are doing, what you did and what you are going to do, for the everyday things. This simple method will help you to get used to the language and to feel free to speak the foreign language. Think, you can’t learn how to drive a car without driving it, learning how to speak is the same. The more you speak, the more you practice and the more you become better.

Organize a speaking club with your friends. You can meet at the café or at home. Think about the topic of the meeting. Everyone can bring a dictionary. Keep a rule that during one hour, for example, you are not allowed to speak your native language. If you don’t know some words, use your dictionary, or try to explain what you want to say in another way. You should write down on a paper the words that you don’t know. Another nice method how to get used to the foreign language is listening native speakers. You can listen to the podcast, watch films or short videos. The very simple and free way is to visit YouTube website. There are lots of different videos and you can find something according to your interest.



Never be afraid to make a mistake. Think: in your native language, when you make a mistake, you never become sad, you just correct it. The same happens to the foreign people, they also make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes! Without them, you will not be able to move further and to learn. You made mistakes once, and next time you will pay attention and try to avoid them. This is how the learning process happens. You also may write down some of your mistakes to a notebook. Write a small explanation to them and do a couple of correct examples. It will help your brain to memorize better. You should think more about your strong sides, the knowledge that you already have acquired and never concentrate on your mistakes.

Don’t worry if you have an accent. A lot of people speak with accent. Just listen to some politics when they speak English. A lot of them speak with accent, but it doesn’t mean that other people can’t understand them. You can only hear the pure language in the international news programs, I guess. You should pay more attention to the pronunciation of the sounds and stresses, because they can change the meaning of the word. Those who learn French will understand me!

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