Organization tips

Organization tips


Probably you’re expecting an article about languages or something interesting about culture. No, not today. Here we are going to speak about organization. I know that a lot of people would like to learn foreign languages, but because of lack of time or not organized time/lessons/topics it becomes difficult. Because of that, your work becomes not productive, then not interesting anymore and eventually, you quit. Do you noticed something similar to you ? So I hope that my advice will help you.

1. First, you should find your priorities. What is more important for you ?

2. Set your goal and answer the question : why do i need this ?

3. Write down your schedule.

4. Start your language learning organizer

5. Choose the topics according to your interests.


I understand that we are all busy at work/university/school. Everyday we do lots of things. We need to get up early (or not), to do our business, to walk our dog, to feed our cat and children, to go to work, to do sport, to go to a museum or concert, to meet up with friends. And it is so difficult to find a little bit of time for something else. So I advise you to set your priorities. Think what is more important for you. Besides, I am sure that during one day we can do a lot of things, we just need to write them down and organized.


Well, you’ve decided to learn a foreign language. The first thing you should do is to answer the question : why do I need this ? For work ? For self-development ? For travelling ? When your answer is ready, it will be easier to move further. If it is for work, you will have motivation, for example to get a promotion. Set your own goal and find your motivation.


Look back to the previous paragraphs. Now you have your priorities and goal. So, it is time to organize your time. For language learning you just need one hour three/four times per week. Of course, it depends on your priorities. If you have to pass an exam, you will need two hours. Everything is personal in your organization. But I think that we can find this time.


Start your language organizer. You should write down there your time table, topics, including grammar, speaking, reading and writing parts. Also write down your weak sides, it will help you to concentrate on them and don’t miss them. Write down the list of topics and the time that you need for practising. So you will have the whole « picture » of what you need to do and what you expect to have at the end of your course. Here I give you an example of the language organizer. You can add the pages of vocabulary. Just click here.



Choose those topics that you need for your field. For example, travelling or business, computers or fashion. In this way, you will be really interested and motivated to progress. You should choose topics that are a little bit more difficult for you, because in this way you will progress quickly. Every topic should consist of speaking, listening, writing and reading. This is very important.

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  1. This is perfect! Learning how to speak French is one of my life goals. I know a few words and phrases… but nothing that is actually conversational. Thank you so much for linking up this post at Come Along Ponds. 🙂 I really appreciate you taking the time to network with me!


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