The Ukrainian language in the world


Part 1

Read in French

France helped the Ukrainian language to become more popular in its country. Slavic languages appeared in France quite late. In 1840, for the first time, the Slavic department was opened at Collège de France. But just Russian was taught. The Ukrainian language was taught for the first time in the 20th century, specifically in Collège de France . After the World Wars, the Slavic languages had more popularity among students.

Louis Léger had a very important place in the development of the Ukrainian language in France. He was french Slavist, philologist and writer. He was interested in the Slavic languages. Thanks to him, they started to develop in France. In 20th century, the Slavic languages were taught, and they became more popular abroad. Louis Léger taught Ukrainian at Collège de France during 1904-1906. At his lectures, he told about the long and difficult way of the Ukrainian language, about its origins and about history of the development, about how the Ukrainian literary language was formed, and how it was oppressed by Russia. A lot of students were attracted by his lectures, despite the fact that Ukrainian lectures were not obligatory.

Paris Institute of Orient languages (L’Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales) also proposed lessons of the Ukrainian language. In 1938-1957 the Ukrainian historian and philologist Illya Borshchak got the right to teach the Ukrainian language at this institute. In France, he also founded the very first department of the Ukrainian studies. And in 1946, he published a book of the Ukrainian language. It was the very first Ukrainian book in France.

Until nowadays, this institute gives ukrainian lessons. University trains specialists in the Ukrainian language and culture. With the help of French schools, scientific journals are printed on the subject of the Slavic languages in France. There are a lot of published articles on the questions of the Ukrainian language.

You can read Part 2 here



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