Past Simple and Present Perfect

In this article we are going to speak about some grammar tenses in English – Past Simple and Present Perfect. Here I have a table for you, so you can see how and when we can use these two grammar tenses.

past tenses

Past Simple

auxiliary verb – did. We use it to create the negative form and question.

I sent a message to my friend 5 minutes ago. (here we use SENT – past simple form from TO SEND)

He didn’t send a message to his friend. (here we use the infinitive)

Did they send a message? (here we also use the infinitive)

Present Perfect

auxiliary verb – have/has. After we use the past participle of a verb.

I have done all my exercises.

He hasn’t been to New York.

Have you ever seen this film?

To understand better

past simpleSome time markers that we can use in Past Simple: e.g. five minutes ago, yesterday, two weeks ago, last month, last year and so on.

present perfect

Some words that we can use with Present Perfect: e.g. as soon as, ever, never, since, already, just, yet and so on.


I’ve just come home.

Where has she been, since last weekend?

They have already watched this film.

We have never been to Japan.



1.Fill in the gaps with the past simple tense

Last month I _____ (go) to New York on holidays.

It _____ (be) so great !

I _____ (visit) the National museum and I _____ (see) the Central park.

Then, I _____ (have) delicious dinner in a famous restaurant.

_____ I _____ (see) the Statue of Liberty ? Yes, I ______ .

The weather _____ (be) nice, the leaves _____ (be) yellow and red, but it _____ (not/rain).

2.Put these sentences into the past simple tense

They sell tasty biscuits –

My cousin tidy her room –

Does she write to her friend ? –

We don’t go to a cinema –

Clair doesn’t read books –

3.Put sentences into the present perfect tense

You/clean/the house –

I/not/wash/my car –

She/already/do/her homework –

He/never/watch/this film –

His frind/not/call me back –

4.Write questions in the present perfect tense

You brother/ever/be/to Singapore –

You/already/visit/the Eiffel Tower –

You friend/drive/a car/before –

5.Past Simple or Present Perfect ?

Children _________ (not/eat) their ice-cream yet.

I _________ (buy) this jacket one week ago.

She ______ (fail) her exam. She is depressed now.

We _______ (park) our can and ______ (have) a nice picnic near the river.

My parents ________ (live) in this house since 2003.


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