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Grammar gamesRUSSIAN

The process of learning any language should be funny and easy. No one wants to spend hours by reading books and learning rules or words. I have a few interesting games to vary your learning process. You must admit that not only children like playing games. The next three games will help you to revise grammar topics that you already know. Are you ready ? So let’s get started.

1. Phrasal verbs

Take a sheet of paper and write any popular verb, for example « to go ». Your task will be to write as many as possible phrasal verbs for five minutes. Also try to write some sentences. Make sure that your phrasal verbs are in the context. You can use this game for any other language.

2. Paraphrase

Open any book/magazine/newspaper on the language that you learn. Choose one sentence with clear and understandable sense. Then try to paraphrase this sentence in a different way. You can change words, parts of sentence but the meaning must be the same. If you’re not sure whether your paraphrases are correct or not, you can visit any popular language exchange web-sites and ask the native speakers to correct your phrases.

3. The bigger the better !

Choose any verb/preposition or noun (it depends on language that you learn). For example. If you want to practise your English, you can choose the verb « to get ». For three minutes you should write as many as possible phrases with this verb BUT the meaning must be different. You should write not only the words but the phrases in the context. Here is an example, « he gets up and gets dressed » As you can see, the meaning of the verb « to get » has changed.

Don’t torture yourself with boring exercises or rules. Practise more and speak more. You can learn grammar using different games. It should be various and positive. Good luck!

You can tell me about your grammar games that you use, leave your comments below.


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