School and friends. Part 6. Future Simple





Christmas tree


 Yule log it is a traditional french dessert that we eat only for Christmas. It is   popular not only in France, but in Quebec and other French-speaking countries. You can prepare this dessert for you!





Future Simple

Affirmative form: will + infinitive (example: to visit => I will visit, you will visit, …, we will visit)

Negative form: won’t (or will not) + infinitive (example: to be => I won’t be, …, they won’t be)

Interrogative form: will + pronoun/noun + infinitive (example: will you go? Yes,I will go)

We can use these words for the Future Simple Tense: tomorrow, in two days, next week/month/year


1) Complete the sentences in the future simple.

a) I … (not/to be) sick next week.

b) She … (to play) with her dog tomorrow.

c) We … (to have) an amazing day tomorrow.

d) They … (to go) to the cinema.

e) He … (to be) happy to see her.

f) I … (not/to study) all the weekend.

g) I … (to wait) the Father Christmas.

2) Ask the questions to the followings questions. For example, No, I won’t go => Will you go?)

1. Yes, I want to eat

2. No, they won’t come.

3. Yes, we will meet our family.

4. No, I will not go outside.

5. Yes, I will do sport.


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