Touristic places of Ukraine: Lviv

welcome to lviv


For many people the eastern parts of Europe are unknown. They are not popular touristic destinations. I would like to change this stereotype and to show you how beautiful can be the places where you have never been and even thought about.

Let’s start from the western part of Ukraine. This is the city where personally I have been three times, and I would like to visit it again. It is Lviv.


Lviv is quite popular touristic destination both of Ukrainian and European people. Every year about 1 million people from different countries visit Lviv. Its history is long and rich. Its old architecture is amazing, and you should know that the central part of Lviv belongs to the cultural heritage of UNESCO.

Places of Lviv Places of Lviv1

Being a part of Hungary, Poland, Austria, Germany, Russia now this city definitely can be named as multicultural city. In the middle of XIII century Prince Danylo-Halytsky founded Lviv and named it in the honor of his son.



Here you can see a lot of museums, concert halls, book stores, art galleries, cathedrals and of course many cozy cafes where you can try famous Lviv coffee, chocolate and not less famous Lviv beer.

Over a year about 50 different festivals take place in Lviv. Among them the most famous are the chocolate festival, Easter celebrations, Lviv City Day, International Musical and Jazz festivals, different Ethnic festivals, coffee festival and many others.

LVIVIn Lviv you can enjoy the delicious food, for example the cottage cheese cake. When you will be in Lviv try it, it is amazing! You can add a cup of coffee to your order and feel the taste of its long history, as it started in the end of XVIII century being the part of Austria. And of course, you should try Lviv beer. In the XV century people started to prepare it in this city, and after by the order of Polish King the beer production has officially started.

lviv coffee

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  1. I visited Lviv for the first time in ’94, and then stayed there for a month in ’06. A fantastic city! I loved the parks all around the city, and the boulevard in front of the Opera House. (I forgot what that street is called.) I can’t wait to go back.

  2. These are beautiful pictures, this i what I want to do visit places that are not to touristic and bring traditional food to my fellow followers and readers!

  3. Cottage cheese cake? That is a new one for me! I bet my husband would love it, as he’s a big fan of cottage cheese.

    But my real question is… how exactly do you pronounce Lviv? #‎ibabloggers‬

    1. Yes, this cake is really delicious! You can see it on the last photo.
      Well, he pronunciation is easy /L’viv/ (the sound /i/ here like the sound /ea/ in English)

  4. I went to Lviv in October and was there for 4 days. I absolutely loved it! It was the perfect amount of time to go to all the cafes I wanted and try the famous cherry liqueur on the square. It’s a really laid-back and friendly city.


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