Reading. Adventures of Anna and David. « Are we lost? »

ARE WE LOST_It’s Saturday morning. The weather is sunny and there aren’t any clouds in the sky. Anna and I have two tickets to the theatre. We are very excited to go there because we have never been to the Shakespeare’s Globe theatre in London before. Shakespeare is one of the most popular writes. He is famous not only in England but all over the world. Today we will watch his famous play « Romeo and Juliet ». It will be interesting. Anna likes this love story but I want to see their costumes and, of course, fights! The play starts at half past three.

– David, don’t forget to take your map. I don’t want to be lost in the city.Mobile_Phone

– Don’t worry, I have it on my mobile phone. We will arrive in time.

It is time to go. London is a very beautiful city. There are a lot of nice buildings, cafés and monuments.

– Look at the London’s Eye! It is amazing! Let’s go there.

London_Eye_-_TQ04_26(London Eye. photo Wikipedia)

– OK, and after that I would like some ice-cream.

Anna and David walked along the street, then they turned to another street, then they saw two funny puppies in the park. Only after an hour Anna looked at her watch.

– David ! The play starts in 20 minutes ! Let’s go ! Do you know which side we must go ?

– I have GPS in my phone. Hmm … I mean, I had it … but the battery is empty. But I charged it this morning. I guess we are lost.

– Ah David, you should take a paper map with you. It is better than the electronic one.

– Let’s ask someone.


David asks a woman.

– Sorry, we would like to go to the Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, but we can’t find it. Can you help us please ?

– Sure, – the woman said, – You should follow this street, then turn right, go straight until the crossroad, and then after 100 meters you will see the theatre on your left.

– Thank you a lot.

– You are welcome ! Have a nice time there !

The play was amazing. We didn’t miss the beginning. We both were very happy !

Globe_theatre_london(Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. photo Wikipedia)


Look at the map and tell how to go to the Globe Theatre

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