How to write an essay ?

write an essay ?

In today’s article I am going to tell you:

how to write a good essay for your classes or exam.

The following structures based on the TOEFL advice. You can also use these structures for an oral answer where you have to explain your point of view.

Here we have all possible types of questions:

– do you agree or disagree?

– what do you prefer?

– explain or describe

imagine that …

– compare two statements

Let’s take some topic : “Students should be required to choose all subjects at school that they want to study”. This is the first type of your questions. Perhaps some people will agree that we can say 3, maximum 5 sentences about this topic. But, we have to write one page! Below I will give you all possible structures and I hope that after you will be able to write a perfect essay.

– do you agree or disagree?

  • Introduction (give your point of view if you’re agree with a statement or not)

  • 1 paragraph (the first reason and your example)

  • 2 paragraph (the second reason and your example)

  • Conclusion (give some general thoughts about importance of your point of view in the world)

– explain or describe

  • Introduction (choose your topic)

  • 1 paragraph (your reason and example)

  • 2 paragraph (your 2nd reason and example)

  • 3 paragraph (your 3rd reason and example)

  • Conclusion

– compare two statements (advantages or disadvantages)

  • Introduction (give some general staement about question)

  • 1 paragraph (give advantages and add examples)

  • 2 paragraph (write about disadvantages and examples)

  • Conclusion (write some general thoughts)

As you can see, all structures are pretty much the same. Don’t forget about your examples and conclusion, it is very important. I will leave you some topics for the TOEFL exam, so you will be able to practise your skills. Good luck!

1. The expression “Never, never give up” means to keep trying and never stop working for your goals. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

2. In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Do you think this is a good idea? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and details.

3. Some people prefer to work for a large company. Others prefer to work for a small company. Which would you prefer? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice.


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