My favorite resources to learn Spanish

Hola todos y bienvenido un día más a mi blog! Esto es mi primero artículo sobre español. Estoy muy feliz porque me gusta mucho español. Este idioma es una melodía para mis oídos. Las canciones españoles son muy buenas! Si te gusta también las canciones españoles, escríbeme tus favoritas, por favor. Hoy, voy a contar sobre mis recursos preferidos para aprender español.

My favorite resources to learn Spanish


It is an unusual blog and in the same time a very interesting one. The author takes pictures of different inscriptions in Spanish that see sees outside, and explains them. Moreover she does audios for her articles, so you can listen and follow the text in the same time.

It is one of the interesting websites about everything connected with Spain: culture, news, food, travels, etc. For those who would like to speak, there is a chat room where you can choose your level and speak with different people in Spanish.


On this channel there are series of videos about a student who makes videos about her live and her friends. It is very easy to understand everything even if you are beginner. There are topics like, my daily routine, my University, family, friends, places of interest and so on. Try this channel, it’s great!

On this channel they speak about Spanish culture, holidays, you can see lots of views of Spain. The channel is also divided into the levels and what I like the most, is that you can learn new grammar structures in a very easy way. They also have a website where you can download transcriptions for the video and find some exercises.


Google Dictionary

This thing is an add-on that you install into your browser. It is very useful while reading some news or other information, and you don’t want to spend your time to search a translation in your dictionaries or to open another window with a translator. All you have to do is to select a word with your mouse and you will see the translation. It gives me more motivation to read Spanish websites and I don’t know how I lived without this application! Seriously, it’s very useful.

What I like about Memrise is that it’s easy to use and you can hear words’ pronunciation lots of time, so you memorize the new words quickly. Ah, and they send you the list of new words on you email, for me it’s an extra opportunity to revise the new words.

A great dictionary where you can find as well verbs’ conjugation and examples of phrases.


I am really happy that I’ve found these guys! Their podcasts are divided into the levels and you can listen them wherever you are. Also, for each podcast there is a document, so you can follow discussions, learn new words and phrases, do exercises. Every podcast is about 15 minutes and there are a lot of different topics. You should try!

Books (A1-B1):

“Pepa Villa, fantasmas en la escalera” – it was my first book that I’ve read in Spanish and I like it a lot. The text is not difficult, but the story is very funny! I can also advise you some other books like “Lola Lago detective” and “Pepa Villa, taxista de Barcelona”.

What are your favorite resources to learn Spanish?

Adiós y hasta pronto!

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  1. ¡Hola! Gracias mucho por esto post, muy interesante. Esto es mi primer comentario en español y espero que podría escribir rápido un post en español también..


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