10 Ways of learning a language for lazy people

You want to learn a language but you don’t want to take lessons and do your home assignments? So this article will help you to find a perfect method of learning and you won’t need to much energy and money.

Here you can find 10 different ways of learning a language.


This is the most easy and obvious thing that you can do. Install into your browser a translator. For example an add-on like Online Translator Toolbar, Google Dictionary or Google Translator for Firefox. When you read articles or news you can see a translation by clicking on a word or a phrase. You can also translate a whole page. There are many different options. Now you can spend your time more productively.


Listening to podcasts is a great option for your tea or coffee break. There are tons of different podcasts in the Internet. For example, the most popular BBCCoffee break FrenchSpanishPod101.comLearn real Polish.

Choose a podcast where you can understand more than half of information, so the rest you can get from the context, this is the best way.


Travelings is a great way of learning, not just language learning but culture, food and it is great for your self development. Some people start learning a language two or three month before their trip to be able to communicate, but you can start learning already being in a foreign country. Speak more with people, even if you don’t know them, you can always speak about the weather, food, dogs … And you don’t have to be fluent in a language, use your phrase book. Just start a conversation!

Free airport magazines

You can take an advantage of free airplane magazines while waiting in airport. Usually there are a lot of them, so if you’re, for example in Spain to learn Spanish don’t hesitate and take a magazine. For my French journals I had English translation of each article. This is really great, especially when you don’t know what to do in the plane.


If you are a movie person you can watch your favorites films but in a target language. On one hand you know the plot of your movie, on the other hand you will learn some new words and expressions.

You can also watch online channels in your target language if you want to know the news or watch programs, if not, try to change the language mode in your TV.

Use subtitles

Here is a couple of websites where you can download subtitles for your favorite films or TV shows: tvsubtitles and opensubtitles.

While watching a film with subtitles try to memorize (or write down) some phrases that you would use in our daily life, in this way you will not forget them because your brain will take it as useful information.

Re-read a book

Do you have you favorite book that you can read a lot of times? If yes, try to re-read it in your target language. Reading is great, especially if you enjoy your book. Also you can look for literary adaption for language learners. For those who don’t know, it can be short stories (well-known or not) made for different language level.

Native speaker friend

The most easy and lazy way is to find a language partner is the Internet. He or she will help you to learn different nuances of a language, train your listening and comprehension skills. Here you can find some language partners: Exchangelanguage, Conversationexchange, Language-exchange .

It is better if you practice regularly and you don’t afraid of making mistakes.

Flash cards

This is an old school method when you put stickers with words everywhere in your apartment. You can also add some short phrases like, “to prepare a healthy food” on your fridge or “call friends” on your phone. Find a way that works for you! Note that it is better when YOU write down them but not download them from the Internet.

Internet websites

My last advice is to spend 10 minutes everyday and practise your language with Duolingo or Memrise or whatever you like. It is easy and for free. There you can practise your pronunciation and learn new words in easy way.

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  1. « Coffee Break French », you used the homonym « brake ». Also, « this is the bast way », should be « best ».


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