10 + 1 quick tips how to improve your language

A lot of people say that they don’t have enough time for learning, so in this article I want to suggest you some quick tips how you can practise your target language. It takes just 5 minutes. Let’s get started!


1 Start a diary

This is a great way of practicing a language. You can write about your day, your feelings, expectations, write down your language goals or review of a film you’ve recently watched. It’s up to you.

2 Listen to a song

I am sure you have your favorite songs. You can listen one of them or even sing it. I like this method, in this way we memorize new words faster and better. In addition to this you will be in a good humor!

3 Use an app on your phone

Nowadays there are tons of different applications that you can use. Choose your favorite one and practise your language every day. It can be Rosetta Stone, HelloTalk where you can talk to native speakers. I like Learn Chinese – ChineseSkill. For Ukrainian you can use Learn and Play application. If you want to learn Polish you can use Learn Polish Vocabulary Free of Language Couse S.L. By the way they propose not just Polish but a lot of other different languages. As you can see, it is easy and you can practise your language whenever you are.  

4 Watch a short video on YouTube

I enjoy watching videos on YouTube and plus it is a nice way to spend your 5 minutes by learning a language. Look for something interesting or find some educative channels. I am currently learning German and I enjoy watching Get Germanized  videos. If your level is good enough you can watch different vlogs.

5 Find an Instagram profile

Did you know that Instagram is not only a place to download your photos but also a place to learn languages. For example, “learn.english.withme” propose you to learn new English words every day. “Howtospanish” is a nice profile to learn Spanish phrases in a funny way. I am sure you can find something interesting for you.

6 Record your voice

It helps you to estimate your pronunciation and the way you speak in your target language.

7 Write your short presentation in your target language

Try to write it without any dictionary and help, after that correct your mistakes and translate the words that you don’t know.

8 Read news articles

You can find in the Internet websites in your target language and read an article. For example, for Spanish it can be El Mundo, for French – Le Figaro, for English – New York Times, for Ukrainian – Unian, for Polish – Polska i Świat . Find out what happens in a country of your target language.

9 Learn some words from « word frequency list » or learn some useful phrases

Find a word frequency dictionary and learn some words from there. I think this is one of the greatest ways to learn new words, as they categorized by their usage.

10 Talk to yourself

If you want to talk to the smartest person, talk to yourself. No, it’s a joke. However, it can be a good way to practise your language. You can tell yourself about anything you want.

11 While waiting

Don’t waste your time while waiting somewhere. Take your notes or flash cards with you and revise everything that you’ve learnt. This is very simple!

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