My first impressions of living abroad

Hello everybody ! I’m here to give you my first impressions of living in France. I’m living here a while and I already have my opinion that is ready to be shared with you. So here is my short article.


The first thing that I like a lot is beautiful architecture around me. You can see some photos on my Instagram here. Every house is decorated differently, there are many flowers on the streets. Also, there are mountains nearby, this is so great! So I can enjoy the fresh air and amazing nature.



You should be born here to understand this rule. If you’re walking somewhere and you feel that you’re hungry, first check what time it is. In most cases (except the touristic places) restaurants don’t serve food when you want, it’s just for breakfast, lunch (from 12:00) and dinner (from 18 or 19:00).


I don’t know how many kinds of cheese exist in France, a lot … But for the moment I’ve tried just about 10 and I already have my rule: when it smells good the taste is awful, but when is smells awful the taste is good. No it’s a joke, of course, but nevertheless that what I’ve noticed.

Different kinds of bread

This is almost similar to cheese story, except that all kinds of bread are great. However, when you go to a boulangerie it can be difficult to choose something one. There is pain de campagne, pain de seigle, pain au céréales… with nuts, fruits, buckwheat, honey…



At first, it was bizarre to see strange people smiling or saying hello to you, after that I was pleasantly surprised but now I don’t pay attention. Whenever you are in a café, restaurant or shop, all workers wish you a good day and smile to you. If someone enters, he or she also say hello. But I really like this habit.


I wish one day I would understand everything about la bise. It is still confusing for me when I think should I kiss this person to say hello? what cheek should I start from? how many times should I kiss?.. Oh, it is complicated. For the moment I keep my strategy: don’t start first 🙂 Ah, and don’t try to hug a French person when you « fais la bise » (if it’s not your boy/girlfriend of course). For me it is unusual but for French people it is a habit. 

I have a nice article about some unusual French habits, if you’re interested, click here

The French Language

It will be very difficult for you to live in a country and not be able to communicate with people. You should know the French language. I can’t imagine myself living in a country and not be able to ask a help or direction or simply to communicate with a shop assistant. But I know that if you have a long term visa and you don’t speak French, the state will propose you to take free French language classes.

By the way, if you want to read about Strasbourg then check out this article A day in Strasbourg


This year the weather is strange, not only in France. Since I’ve come, it rained almost everyday. But when it doesn’t rain, the weather is very hot. Only in France I saw big orages! Strong lightnings and thunder, it scares me a lot 🙂

Do you have your funny stories connected with living abroad?

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