Adventures in Paris

When I had 11 years old I started to learn French and to discover the French culture, its cities. I dreamed about visiting Paris, seeing all those amazing buildings, gardens and museums.

Some days ago I finally did it and I want to share with you my emotions.


We started our visit from the most “funny” place, the cemetery Père Lachaise (visit is free). I was able to touch Edith Piaf’s grave! After that we visited musée d’Orsay. One ticket costs 12 Euros. It was an ancient train station but now there are beautiful masterpieces, statues and paintings of famous people. I saw van Gogh’s self portrait and The Starry Night over the Rhone that I dreamed about seeing forever. I also enjoyed the works of Picasso, Degas, Monet, Manet, Courbet. After that wanted to visit the Eiffel tower by walking along the quay Seine. We thought it was close to the museum but in reality it took about 30 minutes from Orsay to Eiffel tower. It was tiring. Paris is wide 🙂 As we were walking along the Seine we passed a lot of cafés. So we looked the prices there, as Paris famous for its expensive cost of life. The glass of beer 25 cl costs 6 Euros!

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Finally we reached the Eiffel tower, this is a great and impressive piece of art. And I was so excited, I can’t describe my emotions, but it was positive 🙂 . Then we wanted to go on the top but there were a lot of people. Oh you should see it! We did the first line to go under the Eiffel tower. There the security checks every person, every bag, and then there are three different lines to buy tickets and after that you have to wait for an elevator.. and so on… so loooong. In every place where we went the security checks your bags, be ready for that. Also I didn’t like huge amount of people who sell souvenirs because they ask you every time if you want to buy something.

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The second day we went to Louvre. Another place that I dreamed of visiting. One ticket costs 15 euros. I’m interested in art and I’ve watched some TV programs about this museum. To be there was an incredible event of my life.

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This museum is so huge. We started at 9 o’clock and finished at 13:30 but we didn’t see 60% of exhibition. Oh it was quiet difficult to see Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci because of other tourists, everyone wants to take a photo and selfie, that’s crazy.

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We were so tired after that, but we didn’t give up because we also wanted to see Champs-Élysées and other interesting places. Every day we walked about 20 kilometers!

By the way, the Paris metro is well-developed, you can pay 14 Euros for 10 tickets and travel less expensive.

Our last full day in Paris we devoted to Montmartre. A little note for sweet-tooth: there is a great shop of chocolate “Maison Georges Larnicol” where you can buy excellent chocolates and macarons. Also you can see there the chocolate statues of Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame de Paris…or a big ship like this: 

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The same day we visited the Notre Dame cathedral and Panthéon. One ticket for Panthéon costs 8,50 Euro. There we saw the graves of famous people as Voltaire, Zola, Dumas, Hugo… It was impressive to be near them. Notre Dame I wanted to visit since I have watched the musical after Victor Hugo, I became a big fan. Before you enter you also have to wait in a loooong line but it worth it. It is huge and amazing gothic cathedral with gargouilles that looking at you.

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I recommend you to visit the Saint Eustache church, jardin de Luxembourg, the Saint-Etienne-du-Mont church.

Of course Paris is not ideal. I was shocked by metro, by its smells and by strange people. For example, in the metro you can see graffiti in tunnels and the smells of toilets, the same this was when we were near Sacré Cœur, or near the Seine river, that’s sad. Nevertheless I was amazed by its architecture and its atmosphere. Hope to come back in Paris one day and visit other places that we didn’t see.

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  1. 20KM A DAY! whoa! A lot of walking. I love this little guide and the pictures are great. Of course Paris is a great place to see. I heard about the metro stations…yuck. Here in Vienna the public transport system is pretty great and clean!


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