How to type SMS in French?

A lot of people learn French, correct French but what will happen if you receive a SMS from a French person? Will you be able to understand this SMS?

« Slt, sava? C t bi1 hier le ciné on a bi1 ri. J vi1 qd se soir?

N’oubli pa 2 doné à mangé o cha ! mdr. À+ »

Let’s learn how to type SMS or texto.

I will help you with it. Here is some examples of common words and their changing:

cc – coucou

g – j’ai

ms – mais

c – c’est

ke – que

c t – c’etait

tps -temps

slt – salut

À+ – à plus

bcp – beaucoup

Je T’M – je t’aime

pq – pourquoi

qd – quand

Tufékoi? – tu fais quoi?

L – elle

stp – s’il te plaît

bi1 – bien

mdr – mort de rire

ptdr – pèté de rire

SMS language was quite useful 10-15 years ago when we had phones like Nokia 3310, but nowadays I think it became less popular as everyone has phones with QWERTY keyboard. However, teenagers use SMS language much more than adult people. Of course, the way how people type SMS is personal and I can’t give you all examples, but nevertheless you can use these ones.  



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