Apps of the month

Hello everybody, it’s la rentrée in France and maybe someone of you are also started your courses. I know it is hard at the beginning after hot summer holidays but it is time to study and become smarter and smarter…


Today I propose you some apps that I use at the moment to practise my languages. By the way, some of them are games because I like the idea when you learn by playing, hope you like it too!


The first app is “Spanish injection”. It’s a game where you play for a person who is visiting a Spanish bar and speaking with people there. You write questions, answers, change the word order and learn vocabulary. To my mind it’s great for the beginner level.


The second one is Ein rätselhafter Auftrag, by Goethe Institute. This game will be good for people with B1 level. You are a detective who is trying to find her uncle. The game is completely in German and there are a lot of dialogues, so you have to be good to understand everything.

The third one is “Améliorez votre français”. Unfortunately or not it is not a game but it is a nice app to practise your French orthography, grammar and simply learn new words. There are 209 lessons and 750 exercises, enough to become good at French.

I’m going to continue with applications, and the fourth one is “Deutschtrainer A1”. I like this application because it is simple to use, you can listen the dialogues, learn new words and do different types of exercises, AND it’s for A1 level, so any beginner is welcome to use this app.

Now it’s time for Spanish grammar! The fifth one is “Español Gramática”. A simple but efficient application to learn grammar, you will find all grammar topics but to test your knowledge you will need the Internet connection.


The last but not the least! My hello to every English learner! There is a nice app from the British Council. “Johnny Grammar Word Challenge”. There are 3 categories – words, grammar and spelling. 10 different topics and a lot of interesting quiz.

Et voilà … That’s all for today!

I wish you a good luck with language learning and of course if you have some interesting language games to play, just let me know in the comments below!

2 commentaires

  1. I’ve just recently tried the Goethe’s institute one, and I love it. I’ll be off to try the ones for French and Spanish that you recommend. Thank you 🙂


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