Where is my cheese or some curious French habits: à table!

Hi there! Hope you’re having a good time. As for me, I continue to acquaint you with the French culture. A year ago I wrote an article about some strange French habits. If you want to read it, please, click here: French people: who are they? But today I want to add more about French food habits because after living here some time, I’ve noticed more interesting things.


I can’t say that my diet has changed since I moved to France, but nevertheless there is something different here.


First of all, French people eat three times a day. And NO snacks! The most important time to eat is déjeuner. Between 12 and 13 o’clock. Usually, it is some meat with pasta, rice or potato, salad. During any food they drink carbonated water (this is more common in eastern regions of France). After that there is a dessert. I think French people can’t leave their tables without a dessert. One of the popular desserts is yogurt. Oh, you should see how many yogurts they have in dairy section in supermarkets. Any kind, any flavor, any color…

Moving on!

Another interesting thing is French apéritif and digestif. In any French supermarket you can see a special section with products for appetizers. There you can find chips, peanuts, sauces, olives, crackers and so on. Usually they drink crémant, this is a sort of sparkling wine that tastes very good. Speaking about the wine, in French supermarkets there is a great choice (comparing with other alcohol) of wine from any region of France and from other countries.


What about digestif? This word comes from “digérer” to digest. It means a strong alcohol that people drink after a meal, it helps to digest the food. For example, schnapps or kirsch.

Don’t forget the cheese!

It is very common in France to eat some cheese after the main dish. You can have several types of cheese and eat it with some fresh bread. This is delicious and interesting to discover cheese from different French regions. But sometimes it can be surprising when the taste and smell don’t correspond with each other 😀

For the end I’d like to add that I enjoy their little habits. They’re never in a hurry when they eat. For French people to spend some time together while eating is important. It is time to speak, share news, have fun and relax. That’s what I like the best.

Do you have any food habits in your country? Write me a comment below.

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