7 things to see and to try in Lyon

A couple of days ago I was happy to get a chance to visit Lyon. At the beginning I didn’t wait something great and impressive but I was mistaken…

Lyon is a magic city, you feel it from the first steps when you go out of the train station. I felt this positive and nice atmosphere and I was totally amazed.

In this article you will find some places that I’ve visited and that I like the most.

Let’s go!


1 Les bouchons lyonnais

You probably know the french word “bouchon” as “cork”, but here bouchon is a traditional restaurant of Lyon. They are distinguished by their cozy, friendly and pleasant atmosphere, and also by their simple cuisine. I had a chance to be in one of the bouchons and yes, the waiters are nice with their clients, they serve food quickly and they offer boissons (drinks) for appetizer.


2 Typical kitchen

First of all, I want let you know that cuisine of Lyon is not for everyone. Their kitchen is based on offal. I offered “le museau de porc” before that I was told that it’s simply a pig’s nose! But don’t be afraid, there are lots of delicious food you can find in restaurants. I think we should try at least ones.


3 Traboules

Traboule is a traditional passage in a building that allows to go through the building. Lyon was a city of silk manufacturers and these passages were great to transport their products quickly. Nowadays, traboules are private property and many of them are closed, but you can find them quite simple in the city center (vieux Lyon), some of them are opened for the tourists. Just try to be quiet and respect the life of simple inhabitants, as these passages have good acoustics.


4 Renaissance buildings

Walking in the city center, don’t forget to look up on the buildings and enjoy the Renaissance architecture because it is worth to see.


5 Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière

Take a funicular to visit the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière. This is the highest place of Lyon and also the place where Lyon started its history from. When you enter to this basilique you immediately see the beautiful mosaic that is famous over the world.


6 View behind the basilique

Leaving the basilique, don’t forget to go behind this building and there you will see the view on the Lyon city. You will also see the principal rivers of Lyon: le Rhône and la Saône.

7 Cathedral Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Last but not the least place that you can visit is the Cathedral Saint-Jean-Baptiste. The construction was started in 1180 and it took many years to completely finish this beautiful cathedral. If you are in front of it and look a little bit à gauche you will the the old astronomical clock of 14 century.


For the end I’d like to add that I like a lot this city, it’s absolutely not enough one day to see everything and to visit all places, but I really look forward to come back again and I recommend you to visit Lyon.

Have you ever been to Lyon? Tell me about places to visit there in the comments below.

4 commentaires

  1. I’ve lived in Lyon for a while and it really is my ultimate favorite city! I must say that, just like you, I couldn’t have imagined it actually has so much to offer before exploring it, but I soon changed my mind.
    Have you been to the Jardin des curiosités? It’s a tiny park rather close to Fourvière and you can get an even better view over the city from there, it really is a gorgeous spot. Plus, it’s really quiet as it’s well hidden in Saint Juste district. 🙂
    I have a post on what to do in Lyon too in my blog, if you’s like to check it out!

    Martina (theglobeater.wordpress.com)

    1. Thanks for your comment and ideas for my next trip to Lyon. I’ve had just two days to visit the city and it’s not that much. Why did you change your mind about Lyon?

      1. That’s true, 2 days is not very long, but you still managed to do a lot of things! 😀
        Well, at first I didn’t like the city at all because it’s definitely much smaller than where I was before, but after a few days I completely changed my mind because I could see how lively and welcoming it is! 🙂

      2. I agree with you. I’ve been to Paris before and it is completely different comparing to nice and convivial Lyon.


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