My first Christmas abroad

Christmas has always been my favourite holiday. In Ukraine, we celebrate it the 7th of January and we still respect a lot of traditions and customs on this day. If you want to know more about Ukrainian winter holidays, you can read this article: Winter holidays in Ukraine

This year I am learning new traditions, and I am excited about that!

French Christmas, like in most of other catholic countries, is celebrated the 25th of December. You can feel the holiday atmosphere one month before Christmas. Lights, decorations and, of course… les marchés de Noёl! I am lucky to live on Alsace. As I was told, here are the most beautiful Christmas markets of all France.

Strasbourg organises the most popular marché de Noёl. More than 2 million visitors from different countries come to see its Christmas market. And it is really worth it.

I couple of days ago I also did it, and I want to share this magic atmosphere with my readers.

Every house in the city center is decorated with lights, toys and Christmas trees. When the night comes, the fairy tale becomes alive. 

Usually there are a lot of people, but I was lucky to take some good photos to show you. Here you can find everything you want: decorations, hand-made products, cheese, hot wine (the best one I’ve ever tried!), sweets, even cosmetic products, and of course the traditional biscuits Bredeles.


At night everythigs becomes even more beautiful. I really prefer Christmas market in Strasbourg to some other that I’ve visited. If you have this possibility ot you still hesitate, come to see this marché de Noёl, it worth it. 



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