New Year in Vienna

Hello, everybody! It seems like the winter holidays are over. But I am still thinking about my impressions of these past days, because I spent my first Christmas in France and my first New Year in Austria, and also because it snows outside. It is a real winter fairy tale! That is why I’ve found my inspiration to write this post and share my impressions about my trip to Vienna. 

Austria, Vienna

Vienna is beautiful! Being there, you can’t stop watching its buildings. You have this feeling being in the times of Maria Theresa. 

In Austria everything is great. The atmosphere of the city, its people, the system of transport… We felt there comfortable, even if you walk in the evening. A negative point is that Vienna is expensive. Wherever you go (museums, churches, castles) you pay minimum 15 euros.



For the New Year, the streets in the city center were decorated with huge lamps, the same as in the Vienna Philharmonic hall. The 31 December, for the St. Sylvester there were different animations, including the master class of Waltz. Everyone could learn how to dance it.


To spend our St. Sylvester we chose a restaurant famous by its Schnitzels. Ours were bigger than the plate! It calls Figlmuller. But you should book your table before like we did. Otherwise, you will wait in a long line before entering. The restaurant is full. Do not hesitate to taste their home made wine, it is very good. 

There is a tradition to eat pork on the New Year, as it brings luck. You can see small pigs everywhere, even as a dessert.


After that, we went to the Rathaus. There was a concert and there we watched the midnight fireworks. The street was full of people and ten seconds before everyone was screaming « ten… nine… eight… » and finally « Happy New Year! ». I loved this amazing atmosphere and the fireworks. During these 5 minutes, we could hear the music of Viennese Waltz. Some people were dancing. All that was incredibly great! 


If you’re going to see Vienna is the summer, don’t forget to visit Prater. This is a large park to have a rest or to do some sport, and also an amusement park. The entry is free, so you have a look inside. 


Our last day in Vienna we passed in Schönbrun palace. It is on of the must-see in Vienna. A huge palace in Barocco style contains 1441 rooms. Here you will have an opportunity to be in the same room where small Mozart played for the first time. But before, be ready to wait a while in a long line, and also if there are too many tourists you will have to wait (we waited 3 hours) before you can enter the palace. But it worth it.



Our trip finished, but I will remember this beautiful city for a long time. If you have visited Vienna, tell me about your impressions and what you liked there the most.


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