Lesson #13. Dative

The Dative Case in Ukrainian

In this lesson I will tell you how to use Dative. If you want to learn about the Accusative case, you can click here. You can also follow my Pinterest board to learn new words in Ukrainian!

The Dative case comes from Latin (dare) and means « to give » or « давати » in Ukrainian. 

In English we will consider it as the indirect object and it uses after the preposition « to » in sentences like, « I give this pen to my friend » – Я даю цю ручку другу. But that’s not all! Let’s see more.

How to use the Dative case in Ukrainian?

I’ve created an infographic to make it more clear. 

The Dative Case in Ukrainian

The endings of the Dative case.














Neutral (-у, -ю/ -ам, ям)





If you talk about a person in the masculine gender, you have two possible endings:

другу, батьку or другові, батькові

Short, one-syllable words with « i » stem are changing into « o »: стіл – столу, кіт – коту

You have also pay attention to the letter changing (г – з, к – ц, х – с): друг – друзям, курка – курці, муха – мусі.

But, how do we change the pronounces?

Я – мені, ти – тобі

Він – йому, вона – їй

Ми – нам, ви – вам

Вони – їм

Adjectives in the Dative case.

Masculine – зеленому телефону, зеленим телефонам

Feminine – новій газеті, новим газетам

Neutral – відкритому вікну, відкритим вікнам

I hope that now everything is clear with Dativ. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments below. 



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