Happy anniversary (and my life updates)!

Hey, guys ! I haven’t written for my blog lately. I had a lot of things to do. I have finally finished my book for those of you who are interested in learning Ukrainian (and those who speak French ! As it is Ukrainian-French book) and also I started a new website ! I have learned another (computer) language and together with my co-creator, we wrote the website exactly as I imagined that. Well, the topic of this website is not similar to this one, it is mostly about how to develop your web project. I help people to start their own blog or web site, to grow their social media community, to become better at work and a lot of other things. However it is in French. If you are curious you can check it out (it will be a pleasure for me !) : dogoda.fr

Another thing I would like to share with you guys is that today is my anniversary in France. This day, one year ago I came to France. I left my country to live in this one and I don’t regret.

At the beginning it was strange, everything was different but now I can definitely call France my second home. Now I can make a difference between good and bad wine, as well as cheese. For this year I ate so much yogurt that I didn’t eat for my whole live! I was shocked by the quantity of wine and yogurts on the supermarket shelves. There are really a lot of that! I have enjoyed travels around France and border countries.

One of the most important things (for me as for a language learner) is that I improved my French. When I came to France, I thought that I speak French fluently. It’s been 15 years that I am learning French. And when I came here, the French language I have learned didn’t help me too much. They use different words! 😀 I even wrote several articles about that: « A small French lesson: you didn’t learn it at school » and « Part 2« .

It took me several month to learn that, and even now there are some words that I don’t understand. Donc, le français qu’on apprend à l’école c’est pas le vrai français! Il faut ajouter dans le système d’éducation des leçons de français quotidien qu’on entend dans les rues de la France.

Now I would like to share with you guys my recent adventures.

This month I have visited the European parliament in Strasbourg. That was super interesting to see this building and to sit in the place of a deputy in the big conference hall. The visitor was able to ask questions as deputies do.

davdavdaveuropean parliament 4dav

Also, I have visited Switzerland, a city called Basel. I liked a lot the old city and the cathedral in the city center. We were lucky to listen to the pipe organ concert, and we were shocked by prices in shops!

baselbasel 1

And what about you? Did you have life changes? What’s new? Share your stories in the comments below I will be happy to read them all!


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