The most beautiful village of France (2017)

Hello, guys! I hope you’re doing well. It’s so hot here in Alsace and I think a lot of people are dreaming about their holidays. In today’s article I will speak about traveling (I know you like traveling as much as I do). There are so many places to visit here in France and particularly in Alsace.

I’ve visited enough places in Alsace and every time I was amazed by its beautiful architecture, nature, nice people and of course, food. For me, Alsace is a particular region, something different that the rest of France and I like it. Nevertheless, I’d like to visit other places of France. What is interesting to see? French villages! Every village is different from another, depending on the region. For example, in Alsace you can see a lot of “maisons à colombage” (timber framing houses), they have different colors (green, blue, red…) are they are decorated. It looks so nice!

By the way, there is an annual TV show here in France to show all the beauty of french villages. It calls “Le plus beau village de France”. They choose 13 villages that represent different regions of France and people vote for the most beautiful one. They show the specifics of every village: its unique architecture, traditional food and the most stunning places to visit.

This year the winner is Kaysersberg of Alsace region. I have visited this village several times before and I would like to share with you my impressions.

A little bit of general information. Kaysersberg is a small ancient town. The very first time it was mentioned in the 1227 year. During the Franco-Prussian and the First World War, this town belonged to Germany. Nowadays, this french village famous for its “vignobles” or vineyards.


On the main square there is a beautiful and ancient church (l’église de la Sainte-Croix), it is must-see in Kaysersberg. 


Then just walk down the central street and enjoy the view of its multicolor houses, the incredible smell of local bakery and shops where you can buy some artisan products.





Moving forward, you will see the Weiss river and a small bridge where everyone, including me, takes photos. 



And finally, don’t forget to visit the famous Schlossberg, the castle of XIII century. 


Of course, that is not all the beauties of Kaysersberg. You should visit this town to see it with your own eyes. 

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