Testing a different language learning method

I am curious, how do you choose which language you want to learn? My, probably, the weirdest reason to learn Swedish was two bloggers on YouTube. Really, I heard them once speaking Swedish, and I understood that I also want to communicate or at least to understand this melodic language.

Me and Swedish is a long story of love and of breaking up. I start learning it, then I give up, then again I find my inspiration, and so on. It’s like an infinite circle. Now, I am in the mode of “a serious Swedish learner”. That is why today I will tell you about one of the methods that I’ve tried recently.

I really love to test different language learning methods. I think it is important to not to stay all the time at the same place. In this way, you can develop yourself and it is one of the major things for me.

By the way, if you’re curious about my Swedish study materials, you can read my « Swedish for beginners » article. 

Reading is a great way of language practicing because in this way you can learn a lot of new words, see them in different variations and learn how to use them.

Some weeks ago, I found an interesting profile about learning languages. I decided to visit their website and check out what they are doing. I liked a lot the idea of their project.

The project calls “Interlinear books”.

For those who don’t know, the original Interlinear (“between a line”) method was used in the past for commenting bilingual textbooks for language learners. At first, it was used with the help of numbers, for example:

Un1 perro2 come3 carne4. – A1 dog2 eats3 meat4.

So, a reader can match the numbers to see the translation. After a while, it was transformed, and it looks like this:

C’est une fille magnifique. – original text

It is a girl magnificent. – word by word translation

It is a magnificent girl.  – English translation

Personally, I find Interlinear method comfortable to use. You can compare the phrase structures and see the translation. Looks great!

I am really happy that I could test “The Interlinears book”. They give us this possibility to see how it works and to make language learning process easier.

Here is an example of the Swedish Interlinear book:


It is great because you don’t need to have a dictionary with you all the time. It makes the translation easier, especially if one word has different meanings, you don’t need to think which one to choose.

What is also good that it is not just word by word translation, so if there are some idiomatic expressions or phrases, they have translated into its equivalent in English.

By the way, they have e-books in other languages, such as French, Greek, Spanish, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Russian. As far as I know, they continue to translate from other languages into English.

You can simply download one of their books to your phone and read wherever you want.

Now, here is my less positive opinion. The minimal price for one book is 12,99$ and the maximum one is 29,99$. That makes it quite expensive, I think.

There isn’t too many choices, only one book per language. Though it is a startup, so they work hard on the translation of other books.

And the last thing I would like to add, as I am a beginner in Swedish, I prefer to read more simple texts. It can be more useful for intermediate or advanced learners. But beginners need something less complicated.

I had a wonderful experience with the Interlinear books, I think this method is worth to be used. What do you think?

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