France, why are you so… you?

france, why are you so you?

France is an amazing country. There are so many things here. I feel like I live in a history. Wherever you go you can see it. Even every small village has something ancient, like a church or a castle. Every big city has its historical center and I think it’s so nice that they keep it and people can see its beauty. France has its original cheeses. It’s been more than a year that I live here and I didn’t try even 5 percent of all cheeses. I can’t say that I like them all. Sometimes they smell like two-months-old-dirty-socks. Nevertheless, I noticed that the worth it smells the better it tastes! And I started to appreciate that.

But there are still a lot of things that I can’t get used to or understand. I won’t speak about their tradition to kiss every time you see a person that you know or someone new you meet because it still makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable. And I just can’t understand, why sometimes you should kiss two, three or four times, and when we start from the left cheek or from the right cheek! Do you understand?

Today I will tell you about some other things. I don’t think there is an explanation for that. You have to be born in France to understand all of that. Let’s get started!

Sweet popcorn

I am sorry, what? Did you just say “sweet”? Before I’ve come in France I didn’t know it existed. I ate a classic salt popcorn, bacon popcorn, cheese popcorn, but sweet one… never. When I say that to French people, they are almost shocked, like I said a horrible thing. OK, I exaggerate a little, but I was really shocked about this fact.

Places in cinemas

The first time I went to the cinema with my husband was also surprising for me. We bought tickets and entered the cinema room and he asked me where I want to sit. Sorry? I really didn’t know that we can choose the places in the cinema. The tickets have the same price, so you can choose your comfortable seat. Perfect!

Empty supermarkets at noon

Last week I went to a hairdresser and I was free around twelve o’clock, so we decided to go to a supermarket. And truly, it literally reminded me a scene from the “Walking dead”. There was no one but two or three people, slowly walking and looking for some food. It is true that lunch is very important for French people. Everything stops and they enjoy their déjeuner. By the way, a quite long one. I used to take my food, eat it and continue doing my things. But here, it takes a little bit longer.

Yogurts and wine

Speaking about supermarkets, they have many many different kinds of yogurts. The supermarket shelves are full of chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, soybean, goat milk, white cheese, cream cheese yogurts. The same thing is about the wine. You can find wine from every region – red, white, rose, bio, old, young, late sweet expensive, dessert wine, sparkling, I don’t know… everything. If I were alone, I would be able to choose!

A lot of crime TV shows

I noticed that here in France there are a lot of different crime films, TV shows and soap operas. I guess in the evening tree channels from five show this kind of films. The rest is whether the news/ la météo or some reality shows. I have never been a crime-film person until “Dexter”. Thanks to France and even more thanks to my husband I watched all of the episodes, like the worst ever addicted person.

French window shutters

Everyone in France has window shutters. They close them in the evening and open in the morning. They also close them in the hot summer day times. And I think I will never get used to it. When I wake up, everything is dark around, and I think “oh, it’s early! I can sleep.” But no, it’s already ten o’clock! I like to wake me up with the sun shining but instead of that, I have pain in my eyes every morning when I open it. Feel like I am a vampire.

Le quart d’heure de politesse

I guess everything I’ve told before in this article is nothing comparing to this. Coming late. I really hate when people are not in time. But here it is normal. You say to your friend that you will come at ten, and in reality, you arrive at ten fifteen. I really don’t understand why and where it comes from. So if you expect your French guests for lunchtime, they will never come in time just because it calls le quart d’heure de politesse.

Did you move to another country? Do you have any interesting stories? I am very interested to read them in the comments below. And also tell me which popcorn do you prefer, sweet or salt?

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