Am I still learning languages? Life updates #2

Hello, my lovely community!

It’s been really a long time since my last post. Five months it is the eternity in the bloggers’ world. Honestly, I feel a little bit guilty that I haven’t had time to share with you my advice of language learning, my study tips and so on. That’s because I started to work hard on another project that I plan to turn into my full-time job. I’ve already told you about it in one of my previous posts. is my the biggest project and I am so happy to see how it grows every day. Dogoda is a French project. There I help people to start their own blog/website, to develop it and to grow their social media community. There are also a lot of advice to find a job, to become better and more productive at work, and of course, I write about learning, in particular about language learning. I have many ideas for this website and I am very excited about it.

However, don’t think that I quit language learning! I am still learning them almost every day whenever I have a free minute. I’ve subscribed to Vocable Espagnol and now every month I am waiting to receive my new Vocable. I started it in February. The first to magazines had a CD with the audio recording of all articles. That is amazing! So I could listen to the audio and follow the text at the same time. Vocable motivates me a lot to practise my Spanish. Moreover, every magazine has news articles, not just about Spain but all Spanish-speaking countries, then there are also some culture news and pages with exercises that I like a lot. The texts divided into three levels – easy, intermediate, advanced. There is also a dictionary after every text, so you can quickly look at the word you don’t understand and to continue reading. If you haven’t already tried Vocable, you should do it. They also have Vocable English and German.


Some month ago I decided to learn Japanese. For the moment I don’t have the aim to speak fluently but I want to learn the signs (kana) to read some easy texts. At the moment I am learning Hiragana, and very soon I will start with Katakana. For this reason, I bought Assimil. They have really nice workbooks. The first one is to learn how to write Hiragana and Katakana, and the second one is to master your knowledge and learn new words. I like a lot these workbooks.


When I am away I use my smartphone to learn Japanese. There are some cool apps I’ve found. Of course, I have Memrise and also I use LingoDeer. LingoDeer is a great app especially to learn kana. Honestly, I didn’t move further than that, but I will!

I almost forgot to mention my favourite YouTube channel to learn Japanese. It is JapanesePod101. They are really great, they help me to understand better some Japanese signs and how to use them. They also help me to learn new words. You shoud check this channel if you want to learn Japanese in a right way!

Every passionate language learner wants to be closer to the language that he or she learning and also to stay closer to the culture of its country. I am not the exception. I’ve started to eat more Japanese food, no I am joking, it is just delicious! I’ve downloaded a Japanese game on my phone, it calls Neko Atsume (the cats’ collector). The great thing about this game is that you can choose Japanese or English to play. It is a nice option to learn some new words. By the way, the game reflects the Japanese culture in some sort, you just have to put some food, a couple of toys and wait… until the cats will come to your yard.

I hope you liked my life updates and I will see you soon in my next articles. I promise to post one article per month! Write me please in the comments what language you are learning at the moment and what books/apps you’re using for it.

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  1. I’m currently trying to maintain my level in Mandarin Chinese, revise some French from school, and learn Vietnamese. The reason for this combination? I moved to Hanoi last month! 😛

  2. It’s a bustling, crowded place, and not as westernised as Beijing, but fantastic. Can’t wait to learn more of the language and see some of the sites! Where are you based atm?

    1. Good luck with your language immersion, this is an amazing opportunity. As for me, I’m still living in France, Alsace. It’s a nice and peaceful place 😀

      1. Thank you! Well, I’m glad to hear that. I wish that my French was a bit better, so that I could communicate a bit better with my colleagues! French is quite widely spoken in Hanoi.

  3. Je continue à apprendre la langue ukrainienne avec votre livre, la méthode Assimil, Львівська Хвиля – FM 100.8 – Lviv, des concerts et interviews de mes chanteurs ukrainiens préférés (Antytila, Vivienne Mort…). Mais bon, il y a encore du travail 😉 Ce serait super d’avoir les dialogues de votre livre sur un CD…peut être une idée à creuser. J’ai beaucoup lu Vocable en Allemand quand j’étais à la fac de langues. C’est très bien fait et excellent pour acquérir du vocabulaire dans divers domaines. Bon courage avec le Japonais 😉

    1. C’est super! Vous êtes bien équipées avec tous ces matériels pour apprendre l’ukrainien 😉 Je suis 100% d’accord avec vous, il faut que j’enregistre un CD pour faciliter l’apprentissage. Mais pour le moment si vous avez besoin d’aide pour comprendre des choses n’hésitez pas à me demander. Cela me fait plaisir que vous utilisiez mon livre 🙂

  4. I too started learning Japanese, gave it a break and started with Spanish (which I loved more than Japanese)…wait till you start with the kanji–that’s the real deal! I can recommend some websites and apps I used for kanji (if you want)…good luck!

    1. Hello and thank you for reading my article 🙂 To be honest I like Spanish more than Japanese too. But I would love to read your recommendations about your Japanese learning resources. What languages do you speak/learn?

      1. Hi 🙂 I’m learning Spanish and Japanese right now..but the only one I can speak without sounding gibberish is English. For Japanese kanji I used this website called « wanikani. » Idk which level of Spanish you’re on, but you can check out Mihalis Eleftheriou’s audio course (I used it as a beginner); I loved how he explains the conjunctive tense! You’ll find the link in my post here
        I haven’t written any reviews for Japanese resources yet…

      2. Thank you! You have a great blog, and I enjoyed your article about the transfer language method. I tried to listen this course and it looks good, but it is already easy for me. Anyway, for the beginner’s level it can be great. And thank you very much for the « wanikani » website, that’s what I needed! I’m waiting to read more of your reviews 🙂 À bientôt

      3. You’re welcome! Yeah it’s beginner-intermidiate level. I’m glad you found wanikani useful and enjoyed my blog; I’ll write more reviews 🙂

  5. I use DuoLingo on my phone to work on Japanese. I have French and Norwegian on there as well. How interesting to see the French to Japanese workbooks! I may have to add Neko Atsume on my phone for some fun! haha.

    1. Oh how could I forget about Duolingo! Thank you for the reminder 😀 Yes, I also find French-Japanese workbook interesting, I am not a French native speaker but I have use to it. What is your French level?

  6. I haven’t dedicated in learning any languages for a while, well, I tried to learn Spanish like 2 months ago for 2 weeks…then I stopped and focused on my job again hahaha. But I used to learned German and I enjoyed it a lot. Revelry I started  » listening to « some German YouTube videos while I’m working and kinda give myself some recap 🙂

    1. I do the same but in Spanish. This a good idea actually 🙂 I turn on some Spanish dialogues while I’m doing something and it helps me a lot in a kind of passive way improve my Spanish 😀


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