Palma de Mallorca #May 2018

Hello everybody! How are you doing? I’m writing this post to share with you my travelling to Spain, to be more precise, my travelling to the island Majorca (Mallorca). I’ve never been to an island before but this month I finally did it and it was an amazing experience. Write me please in the comments if you have travelled to Majorca before.

For those who don’t know, Majorca is the largest island in the Balearic Islands and is a part of Spain. The capital of Majorca is Palma, which was the place of our location for three days and three nights.

It was great to practise a little bit of my Spanish and to learn some Catalan. The Catalan language is the main spoken language on the island. Some of the expressions are very similar to Spanish. For example, instead of “Buenos dias” they say “Bon dia”. Let’s see if you can understand the following questions! Com estàs? Bé, gràcies, i tu? Com et dius? D’on ets? Do you understand them all? If not, I will leave you the answers at the end of this post*.

The Catalan language is spoken in Spain (Catalonia, Valencian Community, Balearic Islands, la Franja), in France (Roussillon), in Andorra, in Italy (Alghero province Sardinia). There are more than 10 millions people who understand this language. It reveals my curiosity to this language, so I’ve learnt some basic phrases before my travelling to Palma. To tell the truth, I didn’t hear a lot of Catalan, because we were in the very tourist area, so I’ve heard German, Spanish, French, Swedish and English…

Yes, there are a lot of tourists. I think we were lucky to go there in May because in the summertime the amount of tourists is incredible!

Palma de Mallorca travel

We have arrived to Palma in the evening and we just wanted to go quickly to our hotel as we were tired. The bus system is a little bit complicated if you’re a new arrival. There is no Uber, so we took a taxi and in 20 minutes we were at the hotel (comparing 1 hour 30 if we would take a bus).

Our hotel had a beautiful view to the see.

The next day we visited the city centre. Here are some photos for you. 




There is also a huge port and of course beautiful beaches! 


We tried the tastiest jamón and were amazed by the variety of charcuterie. I was lucky to try the best pasta with seafood ever. 



One of the interesting places we’ve visited was the Sant Francesc Church and college. I will remember it for a long time because I fell down in front of the main entrance and hurt my ankle and my knee ^^ There is a beautiful courtyard and you can see the pupils enjoying their break from classes. 




The last day of our travelling we went to Castell de Bellver. As we didn’t rent a car, we took a bus and then we climbed. At first, we were not sure if it was the right way because there were any sign at all. It was quite strange to climb the mountain without the road. But when we finally arrived the view was splendid! 

cof cof

This is it! Palma de Mallorca is a gorgeous city. I wish we could stay more and visit the rest of the island because I saw there are a lot of beautiful places and three days is not enough. 

*Translation: How are you? Good, and you? What is your name? Where are you from?

8 commentaires

  1. A fantastic place! I used to go there for family summer holidays as a child
    Thanks for pointing out some places that I hadn’t thought of!

  2. Je n’y suis jamais allée. Merci pour le voyage 😉 Une arrière grand-mère de mon mari, d’origine anglaise, habitait Majorque et a épousé son arrière grand-père espagnol 😉

  3. I feel like if only I studied French a bit more then… boom! I would automatically speak Catalan! (Mixing Spanish and French is all it takes, right? hahah)


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