I’ve visited Mittelbergheim!

Hello everybody! How are you doing? Today I would like to share with you my trip to Mittelbergheim in Alsace. To tell the truth, it has been a while since I’ve visited this village. It’s just simply I didn’t have a time to sit down and to share with you guys those beautiful photos. 

If you follow me on social media, you might know that I officially started to work as freelance translator and content writer. I am so exited about it, and moreover, I’ve already had a chance to work with my first clients! If you want to know more about my job feel free to ask me your questions, or you can simply check out my website (it is in french).

So, you are probably wondering why Mittelbergheim? And my answer is very clear. This year contest of the most beautiful villages of France, Mittelbergheim took the second place. I don’t know if you remember, but last year I published my article about the winner, Kaysersberg

Being a very curious person, I just couldn’t avoid of visiting Mittelbergheim. Hmmm… ok, it’s just because this village in twenty minutes from my house! Well, enough talking, I invite you to visit Mittelbergheim through these photos. 


The first thing I saw, was a beautiful Protestant church of the XI century (unfortunately closed) and its nice, large square in front of. 


What is interesting about Mittelbergheim is that some of its buildings represent the German Renaissance style. They were built between 1540 and 1630 years. 


On these pictures you can see the old oil mill of the XVIII century. This is one of the important treasures of Mittelbergheim. Can you imagine that the vertical fly wheel weights 1380 kg?? 


And if you are tired and you need some space, you can visit its vineyards, enjoy the silence and beautiful view.

That was my tiny presentation of Mittelbergheim. I hope you like it. See you guys later! 


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