Lesson #1 Noun, Gender, Plural form of nouns


Noun is a part of speech that denotes a person, thing, place or animal.

In the Ukrainian language we divide nouns according to gender. There are masculine, feminine and neuter nouns. Some of them indicate human beings (the sex of the person), like «мати» – mother, «батько» – father. Moreover, objects also have gender, and not only neuter. It’s because in the Ukrainian language there is « grammatical gender ». It means that we define gender of nouns according to the endings.

Here you can see how the Ukrainian nouns are divided into genders :


! nouns like «місяць» – the moon, «стілець» – a chair, have soft sign in the end, they are also belong to masculine gender.

! some nouns with ч, ж, ш ending can also be feminine, so it is better to check the dictionary to be sure.

Plural form of nouns. There are peculiarities for some nouns.

– last letter й or я, in plural form change into ї : гай – гаї, мрія – мрії

– last letter ь is replaced by i : олівець – олівці

– to the last letter ш, щ, ц, ч, ж we add i : вуж – вужі

– nouns with « -oк » ending loose their last vowel : струмок-струмки


Exercise 1

Define gender of these nouns :

стіл, море, олівець, гумка, телефон, вітер, батько, місяць, сонце, зірка, літо

Exercise 2

Put these nouns into plural form :

сестра, телевізор, море, книга, зоря, ложка, літак, сад, гумка, комп’ютер, будинок



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